Balance 2000px.jpg


Tribute art to The Legend of Korra.

Companion piece to Peace, Harmony and Legacy.


群雄四分 - Powers are divided into Four

天下一匡 - The world (all under heaven) is guided by one.

降卋神通  The spiritual medium who has descended upon the world (i.e. the Avatar)

水善 - Water is Benevolent | 土強 - Earth is Strong | 火烈 - Fire is Fierce | 風和 - Air is Harmonious

Balance Detail 01 2000px.jpg


This piece features the iconic Water Tribe born-Avatar Korra as she appeared in The Legend of Korra. Each posed arm captures the expressive movement of its related style of elemental bending. Korra stands in-front of her first mastered element- Water. A cyclone of wind spins above her, representing Air, which was her most challenging and last element to master.